One hell of a Journey!

Do you want to hear about a labour of love? Well when you decide to make a television show from scratch then you might get an idea about the kind of troubles and trails that one may have to go through…


For those of you who don’t know, I will now try and be the one who will elaborate the beautiful steps that need to be taken in order to make a show!


PRE PRODUCTION (Highlighted for great effect!)

Now this part is often looked upon as the boring first slice in a television show sandwich, but really it isn’t boring. It can be tiresome and time consuming but its definitely not boring. Here are some of the things that we had to do.

-Talk a hell of a lot about what we want to make.

-Keep talking a lot but actually decide on what we are going to try and make.

NEWS FLASH – We decided to make a Children’s game show based in space! (I can literally feel the excitement growing!)

-Start working on those sets. ( We want those contestants to feel as if they were floating throughout the cosmos while still having the home comforts of gravity and a comfy seat to sit on.)

-Give a role out to everyone in the Crew.

-practise, Practise and more PRACTICE!



Well this is the fun but often chaotic time where everyone loses their minds a bit. I was the Floor Manager on this shoot and these are some of the things that I had to take care of…

-Having to look after 30 excitable primary school students.

– Trying to relay instructions from the director to the crew on the studio floor.

-Keeping control of the rounds and making sure that the presenter and the contestants know what they are doing at all times.

– Try and not pull my own hair out in the process ;).

And we ended up with a show that worked and more importantly created a lot of enjoyment for all of the children who watched and took part in it.



In this area I didn’t have much of a part in the editing process, and while I would like to believe that little “post-production’ pixies swooped in and did all of the hard work, I would unfortunately be overlooking the hard work of the crew members who edited on the project. These were some of the jobs that had to be done…

-Basic editing.

-Colour correction.

-Audio and Graphics add ons


Thats it! Thats the complete (yet heavily simplified) way that we went about making the show we ended up calling “GALACTIC GUARDIANS!”. I hope you enjoyed reading this and stay tuned for more weird and wacky stuff that I end up getting myself into!


Click here to see what we made!

Our Spaceship!



Wow its been a long while…

Oh wow it has been quite a while since I last posted on here about the things that I have been getting up to. I am sorry about that everyone!


What I am going to do for you though, is release a number of posts in quick succession detailing the things that I have been doing and keeping myself busy with since Christmas. Hopefully this will get you up to date with all of the things that I have been up too and we can all become closer in the process :-).


Watch this space, I’ll be back soon! 

Okay so the last couple of months…

So, you must think that I have forgotten you eh? Well fear not my 2 loyal readers, for I am back to rock your blogging socks off with a re-cap of the last couple of months!

Right so I left you last with some lovely pictures of “An Ordinary life”. Now I really enjoyed that and working with Good Guys Productions was a real delight! Now apparently the feeling was mutual because out of the blue one night I get a call from Mr Guy (at about half 10 in the evening I might add) and he offers me another days work! I mean kerching!

That my friends is when luck is on your side! It was a very awesome experience where I was given the very fun task of recording the interviews of a whole load of american exchange students. I got the impression however that they hadn’t been interviewed before due to the look of terror when they saw there was some English kid holding a boom inches away from their face. Fortunately my grip was true and there were no Mic to Face injuries.

After that great experience University was the most pressing concern on my mind so I trudged on with that always looking for my next challenge. Finally after literally weeks my mate and fellow owner of Simmer Down Productions found us a Filming Gig at the Dogma Bar in reading ironically filming the Gig of the Up and coming band Out side room. It was a night to remember and we came away with an excellent short film!

*Plug Time* Just check it out yeah :-P…

And so we are almost to the end but only a week I was given the opportunity to work on a very sweet Production from the 822 Guys ( – check em out!) and was able to work again with my old mate Matt Markham. There were plenty of jolly laughs over the week even through the unbearable heat (reached 27 degrees Celsius in a windowless/door-less room with 8 other sweaty people :-/), so yeah good times. I do hope that I will be able to bring out some pictures of that shoot soon but you know how things are, I do all the sound and all that but do I get pictures? Probably not Haha!


Anyways guys that is a brief recount of a great last couple of months, I hope you feel filled in on all the exciting tings!


Peace out 😀

The second day!

Wow what a day. A day of two halfs if I am honest, some parts were manicly buisy and the other parts involved a lot of sitting down and not doing much.

At the beginning of the day I had to go on a marathon of car journeys where I would go from winchester to eastleigh, eastleigh to southampton, southampton to the new forest and then back off to eastleigh again.

After a bit of waiting around then, I helped on an outside scene which was shortly followed by me and frankie having to clean up a hell of a lot of cat food lol!

Now I am just sitting in the front room of a random house and updating ny blog lol.

Sorry for not writing much about yesterday but I was nick nakered and needed sleeps lol!

Talk to ya all soon 🙂