I bet you didn’t think Framing could be this Exciting!

So if you reading this blog then you might of seen the selection of photo’s that I had uploaded yesterday of the city Southampton! Now you may think that those beautiful pictures just flow out of me but nooo… I had to think a lot about Framing! Exciting I know. For example if I wanted to capture the intricate detail of a butterfly’s winds on camera then I would use….. An Extreme Close Up! And for example I would not use a medium shot.


See the difference?


There we are, here is another problem that you may face while trying to frame your shots. Here I have two friends of mine in cartoon form and I was wondering how I would go about framing them… This is what I would and wouldn’t do.

Yes a brilliant “2 shot”!

So why on earth would I shoot it using a close up. I mean apart from the obvious silliness of it, the other friend would feel left out! 😦

So as you can see, if you think about the framing of the shots that you use in your pictures/films, then you can give across the right message! Of course the story you are trying to tell differs from person to person, but with some shots allowing you to capture a close up of the female actor when she starts to cry after just having her heart broken; and a wide shot allowing you to show the magnitude and drama of a bloody battlefield you can see that the right shot can make all of the difference!


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